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KOMMANDO by Leo Kessler
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KOMMANDO by Leo Kessler

First published in Great Britain in hardback in 1995 by
an imprint of Pen and Sword Books Ltd.,
Barnsley, Yorkshire

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FINE (as New) - A black cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine.

NEAR FINE - Complete; Minimal handling wear just stops it being 'fine' but great condition.

195 mm. x 260 mm. x 28 mm. 352 pages. Weight unwrapped 0.5 kilo. Weight adequately wrapped <0.75 kilo.

ISBN 0 85052 464 4

PRICE (GBP)£ 5.00 plus Postage

About this book

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Front jacket flap blurb

  So much has been written about the British Special Forces in the Second World War which Winston Churchill urged ‘to set Europe ablaze’ that few now remember that the Germans were very much the first in the field in this form of unconventional warfare.

 Indeed, two days before the official declaration of war German commando units disguised as Poles were holding key positions along the frontier and for the next three years men of Admiral Canaris’s Brandenburgers, formed long before the British Commandos or American Rangers were dreamed of, played a key role in Hitler’s military operations. They captured the vital bridges across the Meuse in 1940; they trekked across the African dessert in an attempt to raise the Egyptian Army against the British; they sabotaged diamond mines in South Africa; they even supported the IRA and the Welsh Nationalists.

  Canaris’s gradual fall from grace made way for the head of Jagdkommando, Otto Skorzeny, rescuer of the Italian dictator, Mussolini, and kidnapper of the son of the Hungarian dictator, Admiral Horthy.

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  As Leo Kessler shows, in his racy and vivid style, the German Special Forces were second to none. Because the men about whom he writes happened to end up on the losing side does not in any detract from the extraordinary bravery they displayed, and Kessler, who was personally acquainted with many of the survivors, pays a fitting tribute to a very gallant band of men who, as he clearly shows, went on fighting for Fuhrer and Fatherland long after they must have known that their cause was lost. Misguided they may seem in hindsight, but their courage can not be denied.

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