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Hitler's Forgotten Secret Weapon by Leonard James

The Amazing Story of the Heinkel He113 "Super Fighter" in the Battle of Britain

Hitlers Forgotten Secret Weapon by Leonard James - This icon is used elsewhere in my site as a link to this page.

Hitler's Forgotten Secret Weapon

by Leonard James

First published 2012 by Bretwalda Books, Epsom, UK.

ISBN - 978 1 907791 53 6

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Colour illustrated card covered booklet in at least VERY GOOD CONDITION - very little wear.

64 pages : 149 mm. x 209 mm. x 19 mm.

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Jacket back blurb:

The Amazing Story of the Heinkel He113 “Super Fighter” in the Battle of Britain by Leonard James: A flash photograph

The last untold story of World War II, the career of Hitler's "Super Fighter" intended to destroy the RAF in the Battle of Britain - and why it never succeeded.

The super-secret Heinkel He113 "Super Fighter" was said to outperform, outgun and outfight any other aircraft in the world when it entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1940. Lufftwaffe chief Hermann Goering declared that the Spitfire was "so much scrap metal".

A small scanned image of Leonard James's “Hitlers Forgotten Secret Weapon”.
As the Battle of Britain opened the RAF issued orders to pilots about the new Super Fighter and how to deal with it in combat. Soon reports were coming in thick and fast of desperate battles with the He113 over the Channel and southern England. The Super Fighter seemed to be everywhere, and dozens of pilots fell victim to its guns while others escaped by the skin of their teeth.

Yet all was not what it seemed. There was a hidden truth at the heart of the Super Fighter Project that meant that the aircraft would never achieve its potential and so would become Hitler's forgotten secret weapon.

In this fascinating book the author traces the development of the He113 Super Fighter from the drawing board at Heinkel to the war torn skies over Britain in the summer of 1940 - and its fall from the skies.


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