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ENEMY No 19:

Dr. Stanley Septimus Pavillard.
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by Dr. Stanley Septimus Pavillard

A photograph of 'Enemy No 19' by Dr Stanley Septimus Pavillard showing the general appearance.

First - published in 1997 by The Pentland Press Ltd; Durham.

A maroon cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine in at NEAR FINE condition. A very few dust spots to the top and side of the page block stop it being FINE.
The unclipped dust wrapper is in NEAR FINE with very little wear.

PRICE £8.50 plus postage (included for UK)

ISBN 1 85821 496 3

197 pages   165 mm. x 243 mm. x 19 mm. Weight wrapped <0.750 kilo.

 Jacket front flap BLURB: 

A scanned image of the front of the wrapper of Dr. Stanley Septimus Pavillard's 'Enemy No 19'.

A fraught cat and mouse game of espionage in the Second World War South Pacific, where Imperial loyalties on both sides must be squared with humanitarian instincts. Love with duty. And friendship with war. The Stockholm syndrome played out on a world stage between a few clandestine individuals who hold many lives in the balance. Mutual respect develops between two men at subterranean war which is litmus-tested as compassion in moments when the upper hand is gained first by one, then the other.

Human casualties are the constant backdrop; from the body and soul destroying PoW camps, where a committed doctor desperately but ingeniously improvises medical equipment and unorthodox treatments to keep many thousands of men alive; to the interrogation rooms of the Japanese Thought Police, where Taro Watanabe witnesses tools of agonising cruelty. Both are evinced with insightful detail and are the objects that move Taro to help those whom he is also charged to persecute.

Taro is ultimately saved from a death sentence issued by a war tribunal thanks to Commander Oakley Blake, but not before a race against the clock in a journey dogged by disaster A highly detailed account of events personal and pandemic that crystallizes the modern dichotomy of Nationalism versus the global village. Patriotism and truth, that both run high in times of conflict.

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