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Captain of the 95th (Rifles):

An officer of Wellington’s sharpshooters during the campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.


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Captain of the 95th. (Rifles):

An officer of Wellington’s sharpshooters during the Peninsular, South of France  and Waterloo Campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars.

By Jonathan Leach

PRICE £8.00 plus postage (included for UK)

Originally published in 1831 under the title "Rough Sketches of the Life of an Old Soldier".

This edition published by Leonaur Ltd., 2005

An illustrated card bound paperback in at least VERY GOOD PLUS condition. Square and tight with very little sign of wear.

ISBN 1 84677 001 7

250 pages   140 mm. x 215 mm. x 15 mm. Weight wrapped <0.500 kilo.


A photograph of Captain of the 95th.(Rifles) showing the general appearance.  The book was propped up with the front cover loose to photograph, and is, inspight of appearances, square and tight.

A must for Peninsular War enthusiasts and all those interested in the famous green Riflemen.

Captain Leach brings his military experiences during the Napoleonic Wars into sharp relief. We share the of campaigning and dangers of the battlefield, but his descriptions of the events in the broader military scene and the description of the country through which he journeys assist in bringing the era to life for everyone interested in the adventures of this famous regiment and its men.

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