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ITEM NOW SOLD! Originally built as the yacht tender Caleta in the 1930s; she served with the Royal Navy’s Auxiliary Yacht Patrol from 1939, through Operation Dynamo, ferrying troops to larger ships offshore, then on to the end of the war. After a declining career she was bought by Tom Perkins and immaculately renovated at Camper & Nicholsons, Gosport in 1999.
M. Y. Land’s End was built in Holland, 1965. To a highly specified design based on a Dutch hull originally developed for the rigors of Arctic waters. The massive thickness of her steel and decks had given her an almost legendary, worldwide, sea going ability, which unfortunately did not stop her from being lost of Corsica in 2005.
Cyrano de Bergerac, a 39 metre high performance aluminium cruising ketch from the Camper & Nicholson Yard, is one of the most successful cruising yachts of modern times. The innovations and experience of the yard are shown in many aspects of the deck layout and sail handling systems.

Catalogue: King George’s Fund for Sailors Presents the H.M.S. Nelson Auction of Nautical Memorabilia to be held Boathouse No.5, The Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth. 30th. October 1997.

  Bloomsbury Book Auctions: Catalogue of The Fine Maritime Library of the Late Mario Max Witt held 24th. October 1996 Sale 287.  

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