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BLITZKREIG in their own words

First-hand accounts from German soldiers 1939-1940

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Blitzkrieg In Their Own Words

Blitzkrieg in their own words - first hand accounts from German Soldiers 1939-1940 first published in 'Mit Den Panzern In Ost Und West' in 1942.
Published by Pen & Swords Books, UK
Date published: 2005
first English translation
ISBN: 1844152766
Hard cover


A black 'cloth' bound book with bright silver lettering to the spine in FINE condition (as new) in an un-price clipped dust wrapper also in FINE (as new) condition.

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A scanned image of 'Blizkrig' in an attempt to show the general appearance of the front jacket cover.

BLITZKREIG in their own words
First-hand accounts from German soldiers 1939-1940

Foreword by General Heinz Guderian
Translated by Professor Alan Bance


‘In this book my war comrades from East and West . . . recount their experiences. They men of the sword and not the pen. Their language is, in its plainness, powerful and thrilling. It paints a picture of our great victory in Poland and France and helps to save it from oblivion; reports the heroism of our dead and wounded, of real comradeship, and loyalty to the Reich and to the Fuhrer.’
      — Generaloberst Heinz Guderian.

The German campaigns in Poland and Western Europe of 1939-1940 ushered in a new era of warfare. The theory of the Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) developed by Hitler’s forward-thinking generals was put to devastating effect, with fast-moving tank attacks punching holes in the enemies front lines. Based on a German book published during World War II and never before translated, Blitzkrieg in their own words is a series of short, first-hand accounts of these campaigns written by the Wehrmacht soldiers who took part in the fighting.

Written in the naïve, fresh style of young men new to combat, the text recounts the ruthless destruction of the Polish and the French armies in language that shocks with its brutal enthusiasm. In this unique and gripping document of men at war, the self-congratulatory voice of Nazi propaganda is never far from the surface and political prejudice.

'Blitzkriek': A small photograph showing the general appearance of this book.

With rare photographs o the action accompanying the text, the book makes fascinating reading for both historians and World War II enthusiasts.   

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Published in Germany in 1942, Mit Den Panzern In Ost Und West reflects the attitudes of a militarized Germany that even after the defeat at Moscow in the winter of 1041-1942 was still confidant of victory. Though the ethnic and political prejudices of the period are woven into some of the accounts of fighting in France and Poland, many of the accounts are just straight forward front-line soldiers stories. The book is therefore in part history and in part propaganda - propaganda for the new Nazi Germany and also for the Panzerwaffe, the tank arm that had delivered the resounding victories in the first years of the war.