BARBAROSA Through Soviet Eyes

The First twenty-Four Hours

by Artem Drabkin, Alexei Isaev & Christopher Summerville

BARBARAROSSA by Artem Drabkin, Alexei Isaev & Christopher Summerville: This small scanned image is intended to show the general appearance and condition of the front of the dust jacket.

The First Twenty-Four Hours

First published in Great Britain in 2012 by  Pen & Sword Military

1st. edition.

ISBN 978 1 84415 923 9

 Jacket front flap: 

22 June 1941 changed the direction of the Second World War. It also changed the direction of human history. Unleashing a massive, three-pronged assault into Soviet territory, the German army unwittingly created its own nemesis. Thus, for most Russians, 22 June 1941 was a critical point in their nation’s history. After the first day of ‘Barbarossa’ nothing would be the same again – for anyone.

In this book Russians speak of their experiences on that fateful Sunday. Apparently caught off guard by Hitler’s initiative, they struggled to make sense of the disaster that had seemingly struck from nowhere. Generals are scrambling to mobilise ill-prepared divisions, pilots defying orders not to grapple with the mighty Luftwaffe, bewildered soldiers showing individual acts of courage, and civilians dumbstruck by air raid sirens and radio broadcasts telling of German treachery.

 Book's condition and details: 

BARBARAROSSA by Artem Drabkin, Alexei Isaev & Christopher Summerville: A small flash phone image - an attempt to show the general appearance and condition  of this book.

A black 'cloth' bound book with bright gilt title to spine in FINE (As new) condition.
Dust wrapper is complete - now in a protective sleeve. Condition is also FINE.

Weight unwrapped 619 grams

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186 pages. 160 mm. x 240 mm x  22 mm.

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