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Warships 1860-1970 Illustrations by Cap.J.M.Thornton
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WARSHIPS 1860-1970: A Collection of Naval Lore by J. M. Thornton. Click here for larger images.


A Collection of Naval Lore

J. M. Thornton

A red cloth covered book with gilt lettering to the spine very lightly faded at extreme edges in Very Good Plus condition. Unclipped dust wrapper with remains of publishers label in Very Good condition.

145 mm. x 220 mm. 96 pages

First published 1973 by David & Charles Newton Abbot
ISBN 0 7153 5998 3

Jacket blurb

Warships 1860 - 1970

J. M. Thornton

In this compendium, the development of the warship over nearly a century is highlighted in a fascinating series of informal line illustrations. From the end of the age of sail through to the present day, familiar and unfamiliar ships appear on these pages — dreadnoughts, monitors, submarines and carriers. Many curiosities are featured as subjects such as ships that might have been, deception at sea, merchantmen at arms, warships in 'retirement' and vessels that switched colours. For every historian and enthusiast, here is a delightful treasury of naval lore for reference and sheer enjoyment.



  • The New Age
  • The Fleet Takes Wings
  • A Half-Century of Cruisers
  • Torpedo Boats and Destroyers
  • Small Ships
  • Submersibles and Submarines
  • Warships That Might Have Been
  • Deception at Sea
  • Merchantmen at Arms
  • Yachts at War
WARSHIPS 1860-1970 A Collection of Naval Lore by J. M. Thornton
WARSHIPS 1860-1970 A Collection of Naval Lore copiously illustrated by J. M. Thornton
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This collection of drawings is presented as a unique record of a most exciting period of naval history — the last 100 years. The illustrations trace the development and deployment of modern warships, highlighting some of the less well-known incidents and facets that make the subject so fascinating.
The drawings originally appeared in the Royal Canadian Navy's now defunct magazine Crowsnest over a period of 15 years. Many were reprinted in the British Navy League's magazine Sea Cadet, the Indian Navy's magazine Varuna, and the South African military paper Kommando, as well as other publications in Canada and the USA.
Originally entitled 'Naval Lore Corner', the original drawings have been re-assembled and edited, some discarded and new ones added in order to present a logical sequence to a series of self-contained illustrated articles.

Below is a typical double page spread. (A composite image of pages 48 & 49)

 WARSHIPS 1860-1970: A Collection of Naval Lore by J. M. Thornton. This is typical of the double page spreads throughout the book !
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