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by Patrick Vaux
PEEPS AT THE BRITISH BLUE-JACKET by Patrick Vaux: This icon is used elswhere, in my site, as a link to this page


by Patrick Vaux

Illustrated with twelve full colour plates by

First published 1920 by
Adam and Charles Black, London
Not to be confused with the print on demand paperback with b&w illustrations.

PEEPS AT THE BRITISH BLUE-JACKET by Patrick Vaux: Photo showing the general condition and appearance.



A blue decorated cloth bound book with coloured plate set in the centre panel, unusually a unique plate not found inside, with gilt lettering and dark blue decoration to the spine and front board. Spine slightly worn and faded but front still attractive. A lable or book plate has been removed from the front paste down leaving marks which ideally could be covered by something similar. Page block complete with all plates, including tissue guard to frontispiece, is square, tight, and clean apart from a little browning first few and last pages. Not quite VERY GOOD condition.

88 pages
140 mm. x 200 mm. x 20 mm. Weight wrapped <500 grams.

PEEPS AT THE BRITISH BLUE-JACKET by Patrick Vaux: A composite scan of the front board and the spine to show the general condition and appearance .

PRICE (GBP)£ 30.00 plus Postage

An attractive general work illustrated throughout by C. C. Titterton in full colour; a typical illustration is shown below right, entitled " A Submarine on the Surface" and another is the mounted plate on the front board entitled
" Hoisting the White Ensign".

The other illustrations, all in colour, are:

A battleship steaming in line (frontispiece)

Drawing food for the mess

Man overboard

Dog overboard

Coaling a ship

PEEPS AT THE BRITISH BLUE-JACKET by Patrick Vaux: One of twelve colour plates. Entitled 'A s8ubmarine on the surface'

A destroyer in action

Jack and his pets

Regatta Day

A trawler in search of mines

Firing the big guns

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In 1931 the publishers combined 'Peeps at the Royal Navy' and 'Peeps at the British Blue-Jacket', albeit with a reduced number of illustrations, under the title 'THE ROYAL NAVY AND THE BRITISH BLUEJACKET'.

Background adapted from the frontispiece of James Baikie's PEEPS AT THE ROYAL NAVY.