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Whaling, Pelagic Hunting and Polar Exploration

Philip Allan's NAUTILUS LIBRARY series page at This page provides links to other Nautilus books for sale. The 'Nautilus Library', begun in the 1920s, built up to more than thirty volumes. A few were given slightly different titles but most were classic nautical works issued in a pocket sized edition by Philip Allan, who owned the copyright to many of the original editions.
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KING'S, CUTTERS, Revenue, Service, War, against, Smugglers, GRAHAM, SMITH, HM, Customs, Excise, revenue, cutter, combat, smuggling, official, historian,  the tragic and the comic aspects of the Revenue Service's struggle against not only the lawbreakers but also politicians, the Navy and the public. As the type of contraband has changed — from tea in the eighteenth century to drugs in the twentieth — so too the vessels themselves have evolved.
In ISLANDERS - The Pacific In The Age of Empire,  Nicholas Thomas, unlike conventional accounts which emphasise confrontation and the destruction of indigenous cultures, reveals there was gain as well as loss, survival as well as suffering and invention as well as exploitation.  He rediscovers a rich and surprising history of encounters, not only between Islanders and Europeans, but among Islanders, brought together in new ways by explorers, missionaries and colonists.
TITANIC and the CALIFORNIAN: Thomas B. Williams unearthed the required ‘new and important evidence’ which prompted the British Government to re-open the case surrounding Captain Lord and the Californian and effectively proved that the much maligned captain and his ship could not have been the mystery ship seen from the decks of the doomed Titanic.
CAPTAIN KIDD - THE HUNT FOR THE TRUTH by Craig Cabell, Graham A. Thomas & Allan Richards. The execution of Captain William Kidd on 23rd. May 1701 is one of the most controversial and revealing episodes in the long history of piracy. The legend that has grown up around Kidd's final voyage, his concealed treasure and the dubious conduct of his trial, has made him into one of the most intriguing and misunderstood figures from the golden age of piracy.
On 13 February 1806 a ship left Boston bound for the Caribbean island Martinique, with a cargo that few imagined would survive the month long journey.Packed in the hold were large chunks of ice from a frozen Massachusetts lake.  Over thirty years he extended the 'frozen water trade' to Cuba, New Orleans, New York and London, and finally - to the astonishment and delight of the British Raj - to Calcutta in 1833.
The Thames has a longer history of Navigation than any other river in Britain - since the earliest times it has been a channel for comunication into England's heartland. A story of a working river; the fishermen, fowlers, reed and rush cutters, and particularly the trading bargemen.
His vessel crippled in a violent tropical torm, Bas Stallard is alone on a vast ocean with little hope of rescue. As he struggles to save the slowly sinking cutter, Mapu, he finds moments to ponder over a stirring past life, crammed with action and adventure on the high seas.
The Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould, squire and parson of Lewtrenchard, was one of Devon's finest popular writers. Here then are the extraordinary adventures of five Devon seamen from the violent world of the 17th. and 18th. centuries - James Wyatt, Robert Lyde, Richard Peeke, Joseph Pitts and Richard 'Admiral' Parker.
In "TALL SHIP DOWN" Dan Parrott, a maritime expert, re-creates  the final voyages of the Pamir, Albatross, Marques, Pride of Baltimore, and  Maria Asumpta. Parrott dissects the circumstances of loss from forensic  evidence, expert testimony, survivors’ memories, and his own considerable experience.
Tall Ships and the Cutty Sark Races< by Pail Bishop is attractively bound and presented and illustrated with breath taking coloured photographs and line drawings. Tall Ships and the Cutty Sark Races is as visually impressive as it is informative.
BORDSTEMPEL & WINDJAMMER: A glorious artistic celebration of sailing ships taking part in STA Cutty Sark Tall Ships races, Operation Sail, Parade of Sail 1972 - 1993.
This interesting book covers over seventy ports and particular mention is made of the smaller ports which have made rapid advancement recently. It is much more than a catalogue of facts, and no one is better equipped for writing such a volume than Captain A. G. Course, the well-known author and broadcaster. He relates an historical background for each port mentioned and provides such valuable information as dock areas, length of quays and depths of water available, annual tonnages and descriptions of imports and exports handled. Port management and operation, cargo handling and mechanisation, port labour and National Dock Labour Corporation are some of the other subjects covered with over 40 excellent photographs.

Using Norddeutscher Lloyd records and  Gustaf Erikson’s papers this book tells the full story of the steel, four-masted barque Herzogin Cecilie, from her launch in 1902 as a cargo carrying cadet ship, Gustaf Erikson’s ownership and sheds new light on her tragic demise on the Devon coast in 1936.
STEAM CONQUERS THE PACIFIC: A Record of Maritime Achievement, 1840-1940 by A.C. Wardle tells how William Wheelwright, an American entrepreneur, failing to raise capital in the U.S.A. went to London where he had more success. The Pacific Steam Navigation Company was born. The book is a Celebration of its Centenary. This book is written to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first submarine cable laid in 1850 between Dover and Calais. This work of reference contains full careers of 312 permanent and 80 chartered cablelayers since 1850 and is profusely illustrated with two hundred scale drawings and black and white photographs of cableships.
In The Adventure of Sail 1520-1914, Captain Donald Macintyre has written a historical record of four centuries, from the first, circumnavigation of the world to the virtual disappearance of the square-rigged ship. This is followed by a selection of contemporary writings of many nations, from 1520 to 1914.

LONG VOYAGE HOME by Tim Madge uses first-hand accounts to describe the hardships of a breed of men who served in the British fleet, both merchant and naval, from 1900 to the end of the 20th. Century, who now, are all but extinct.

Constable's Miscellany: Shipwrecks and Maritime Disasters Vol.I: The Northern and Polar Seas. Vol. II The Atlantic and the Southern Seas published in 1833
LODESTONE and EVENING STAR: The seamen who mapped the world by Ian Cameron. A magnificent theme, magnificently handled. Within the confines of a single volume Ian Cameron unfolds the story of exploration by sea, from the voyages of the ancient Egyptians to the twentieth century. SEA WOLVES; The Viking Era: Who were these people? What drove them to leave their homelands in their longships and venture out into the open seas in search of plunder, riches, and land? These and other questions about the fair-haired Vikings are answered VALIANT SAILORMEN by E. Keble Chatterton: An interesting selection, covering, amongst other subjects, the hunt for the DRESDEN, anti-submarine operations using trawlers, Q-ships and motor launches, the problems keeping open our lines of communication to the Continent in WW1, long-range U-boats (Deutschland) and the Blockade Squadron. TAKE THE STRAIN : The Alexandra Towing Company and the British Tugboat Business, 1933-1990 by Tim Nicholson – Describes how the company developed and the part it played in the towage industry through the momentous years of the last one hundred and fifty years.
SEA SERPENTS, SAILORS & SCEPTICS by Graham J. McEwan: Giant squid, sea serpents, alleged capture of a mermaid and descriptions of various strandings of enigmatic carcasses over the years strongly suggest that the sea still has many surprises for us. Click on this image to go to my "Falconer's Marine Dictionary” page ! A MILLION MILES IN SAIL: Being the story of the sea career of Captain C. C. Dixon by JOHN HERRIES McCULLOCH: All lovers of the sea will delight in this odyssey of the windjammer, which we consider will become a classic of nautical reminiscence. It is a tale fraught with adventure, tasting of blue water, sounding of raging storms, and told by a master mariner. Great Sea Mysteries by Richard Garrett incudes Egypt's' gold, the Flying Dutchmen, sabotage and spying in WW1, Birkenhead and the cover-up of the sinking of HMS Audacious are amongst the subjects covered.
WHEN THE POLE STAR SHONE- A history of exploration by Michael Langley: This book emphasises the human factor as it traces geographical exploration back to ancient times. A detailed account of early exploration reveals that Europeans have, for the most part, been rediscovering the earth, rather that unveiling it for the first time David Masters classic Wonders of Salvage; Lutine, Submarine K13, U-boat,  Liner St. Paul, Silurus Araby. Diving and salvage in first half of the Twentieth century. RUNNING THE BLOCKADE - A PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF ADVENTURES, RISKS, AND ESCAPES DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR by Thomas E. Taylor WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JULIAN CORBETT.
PENGUIN BOOKS - THE THINGS WE SEE series - No. 6 SHIPS by David W. Pye. This book discusses their design; not from the special point of view of the naval architect, shipowner or seaman, but from the unspecialised point of view of the man or women who likes to look at them.
Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways by H. N. Shore: Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways by H. N. Shore was first published in 1892 and first published as a Philip Allan Nautilus Library in 1929. In this very interesting book containing an enormous amount of historic and local detail is included a sketch map of the continental entrepots and the corresponding English south coast smuggling centres. The period covered is the 18th. and 19th. Centuries.
ff The Titanic Disaster
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In THE SCOTTISH SMUGGLER Gavin D. Smith uses a mixture of contemporary records, including personal correspondence and material culled from the surviving Custom House Letter-books, alongside anecdote, folklore and information from a wide range of published sources to create the most complete picture yet of Scottish smuggling – the facts, the myths and the legend.
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