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Modern Combat Ships 4

by Leo Marriott


Modern Combat Ships 4: Leo Marriott's study of the Royal Navy's Type 22 Frigate. - This icon is used elsewhere in my site as a link to this page.

Modern Combat Ships 4

by Leo Marriott

First published 1986 by Ian Allan Ltd., London

A black cloth bound book in FINE condition. Gloss paper pages illustrated throughout in black and white.
Dust wrapper is not clipped and is in NEAR FINE condition with only very slight sign of shelf wear.

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ISBN 0 7110 1593 7

112 pages 180 mm. x 242 mm. x 12 mm.

Weight unwrapped <460 grams. Weight wrapped <750grams.

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Paul Beaver's study of the Royal Navy aircaft carriers, Invincible, Illustrious and the latest Ark Royal, covers the political and economic reasoning that resulted in their design and covers their construction and service up to 1984. Now HMS Illustrious is the only one still in service but her days are numbered.


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Type 22 Royal Navy frigates by Leo Marriott: A scanned image of the front cover in an attempt to show the condition and general condition of this item.

Type 22 by Leo Marriott

The Type 22s are the largest frigates ever built for the Royal Navy, and the Batch III version is almost the same size as the 'County' class destroyers or a World War 2 light cruiser. They have proved to be exceptional anti-submarine warfare vessels and, as experience in the Falklands War showed, they can give a good account of themselves in other roles too. Moreover, the large hulls have been able to incorporate new weapons and equipment, a glaring contrast with the Type 42s which were built to much greater financial and political restraints. The Royal Navy is well satisfied with the Type 22s, even though it can consider itself fortunate that the construction programme has run to as many as 14 ships.

Modern Combat Ships 4: A flash photograph, which used in conjunction with the scanned image to the right, shows the general appearance and condition of this book.

In Modern Combat Ships: 4 Type 22, Leo Marriott has produced a thorough appraisal of a class which by the1990s will have mounted a greater variety of weapons systems than any other modern RN warship. Certainly, the type will probably be best remembered for introducing the Sea Wolf surface-to-air missile in service, and the valuable work performed by Broadsword and Brilliant during the Falklands War. Nevertheless, the three Batches present interesting studies in warship design, with Batch 2 ships featuring a lengthened hull and Batch III units swapping Exocets for Harpoon missiles and mountain a 4.5in gun in addition.

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Background adapted from the front cover of the dust wrapper of Captain Lippiett's "TYPE 21" number 5 in the Ian Modern Combat Ships series.