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Ian Allan - Modern Combat Ships 2

by Paul Beaver


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Modern Combat Ships 2

by Paul Beaver

First published 1986 by Ian Allan Ltd., London

A black cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine in VERY GOOD condition. During manufacture the very top outer corner of the rear paste down was tucked under but, of course, this is completely covered by the jackets flap. Gloss paper pages illustrated throughout in black and white.
Dust wrapper is not clipped and is in VERY GOOD condition with sign of shelf wear along front top edge. Spine lightly sunned.

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ISBN 0 7110 1386 1

96 pages 180 mm. x 242 mm. x 12 mm.

Weight unwrapped <460 grams. Weight wrapped <750grams.

Price £7.00 with free UK postage

The Type 21 Frigate broke new ground in warship design when it entered service in the early 1970s. Its novel propulsion system of four gas turbines produced a speed and dash which, together with its fine appearance, rapidly engendered a spirit in the class that has remained ever since.The Type 22s are the largest frigates ever built for the Royal Navy, and the Batch III version is almost the same size as the 'County' class destroyers or a World War 2 light cruiser. They have proved to be exceptional anti-submarine warfare vessels and, as experience in the Falklands War showed, they can give a good account of themselves in other roles too.


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Type 22 Royal Navy frigates by Leo Marriott: A scanned image of the front cover in an attempt to show the condition and general condition of this item.

'Invincible' Class by Paul Beaver

The most important warships built in the United Kingdom since the end of World War 2 are hardly ever out of the news these days. The name ship of the class, HMS Invincible, was part of the Falklands Task Force and played a major, even decisive role as the fighter control ship. Its Sea Kings and Sea Harriers, together with those of the flagship, HMS Hermes, kept the Argentine strike aircraft at bay and eventually won air superiority over the disputed islands.

Modern Combat Ships 2: A flash photograph, which used in conjunction with the scanned image to the right, shows the general appearance and condition of this book.

During the conflict the second ship of the class, HMS Illustrious, made history by being completed ahead of schedule to 'go south' and relieve Invincible on station in the South Atlantic. Ark Royal is the third of the light aircraft carriers bearing the name which is famous in naval aviation, there having been two previous aircraft carriers and a seaplane carrier with that name.


In 1983 Invincible was again in the news during the middle of a highly successful but somewhat problematic deployment in the Far East. It was at this time that a faulty propeller shaft bearing led to an need for a precautionary docking in Australia. The ship arrived offshore only to find herself in the middle of an international row over nuclear weapons.

The author of the book, Paul Beaver, was actually aboard Invincible at the time of the bearing problems, the ship's first visit to Australia and the shortened stay in New Zealand. His familiarity with the ship and its systems has allowed him to write with more insight than has previously been possible. Destined to be the largest warships in the Royal Navy until well into the next century, the 'Invincibles' will never be far from the headlines.

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Background adapted from the front cover of the dust wrapper of the second in the Ian Allan Modern Combat Ships series, 'Invincible' Class by Paul Beaver.