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The Loss of HMS Coventry - A Captain's Story

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Captain David Hart Dyke in "Four Weeks in May" tells of the events leading up to the loss of his ship HMS Coventry and how he and his ship’s company dealt with the devastating bomb attacks by Argentinian warplanes during the Falklands War.

This 2007 first edition published by Atlantic Books, London

1st. edition

ISBN: 9781843545903

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A grey cloth bound book with silver lettering to spine, page block is tight, bright and clean; no marks or inscriptions; the only obvious wear is to the spine ends which are very slightly shelf worn but condition is at least VERY GOOD PLUS. The attractive dust wrapper is complete with very little sign of shelf wear - condition is probably NEAR FINE. A very nice copy.

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272 pages.

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Four Weeks in May:
The Loss of HMS Coventry - A Captain's Story
by Commander Robert Clarkson

A small photograph of FOUR WEEKS IN MAY by Captain David Hart Dyke showing the condition and general appearance.

Jacket flap blurbs

"On 25 May 1982, at a critical juncture in the Falklands War, the destroyer HMS Coventry was attacked by Argentinian aircraft. In a devastating strike, she was hit by three bombs, two of which exploded inside her hull, killing nineteen of her crew and leaving many others badly injured. Within minutes, Coventry Had capsized, and would finally sink off Pebble Island the following day. The loss of HMS Coventry was deeply traumatic: it was the first occasion since the Second World War that a British captain and his crew had to abandon a stricken ship and take to life rafts in the cold and unforgiving waters of the South Atlantic.

Four Weeks in May is the highly personal, often harrowing story of Coventry’s war told by her captain, David Hart Dyke. It is a tale of a proud fighting ship of the Royal Navy and of the complex ties that bind a commander and his crew, especially in times of mortal danger. It is also a record of one man’s private anxieties about his responsibilities as captain, the welfare of his men, his wife and two young daughters back at home.

Four Weeks in May is a riveting account of how men prepare for a war they never expected to fight and how they endure its privations and, finally, its horrors."

Book has excellent photographs, line drawings, index and a crew list

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Captain David Hart Dyke's story of the loss of HMS Coventry - Four Weeks in May.