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The Royal Oak Affair
The Saga of Admiral Collard and Bandmaster Barnacle

by Robert Glenton

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The Saga of Admiral Collard and Bandmaster Barnacle

The Royal Oak Affair by Robert Glenton: A scanned image of the front cover intended to show the appearance and general condition of this item.
First edition published 1991 in the UK by Leo Cooper, London
ISBN: 0850522668
Available in Hardcover

Robert Glenton, in The Royal Oak Affair, explains how when, Rear-Admiral Collard so forgot himself as to swear at Bandmaster Percy Barnacle at Malta during a dance aboard a Royal Navy flagship HMS Royal Oak, he set in motion a train of events that  had far reaching political and personal repercussions for many senior naval officers which affected the Navy for many years.

First edition

Jacket front flap blurb:

These may be tolerant times but there are a few oaths that a man – particularly one regarded as an officer and a gentleman – uses with circumspection. In 1928 the list was longer. Even so, when Rear-Admiral Collard so forgot himself as to swear at Bandmaster Percy Barnacle during a dance aboard HMS Royal Oak he lit a fuse so out of proportion to what he said that even now the mind marvels at the explosion that followed.

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Royal Oak was in Malta at the time. 1928 was, as inter-war years go, one of the least troubled. The World was recovering from the ravages of the Great War; the Wall Street crash was still a year away and German renaissance undreamed of. Britannia’s right to rule the waves was unquestioned, let alone challenged, and for officers of the Royal Navy there could be few more agreeable appointments than the historic, sunny, civilized Malta. Yet by the utterance of a single word, this happy idyll was shattered – with truly remarkable consequences.

Robert Glenton, a journalist of many years’ experience, uses his narrative and investigative skills to bring this strange tale of obstinacy, prejudice and not a little humour vividly to life.

A blue cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine - no inscriptions - sighns of erased pencil jotting along top edge of ffep - in VERY GOOD condition.
The dust wrapper has a little wear along the top edge - now in in protective sleeve. Condition VERY GOOD.

192 pages - weight unwrapped 530 grams - wrapped <750 grams

240 mm. x 160 x 24 mm.

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