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This icon, adapted from a portrait miniature of Drake, by Nicholas Hilliard in 1581, is used as a link to this page throughout my site.Biography-Life of Sir Frances Drake by A. E. W. Mason 1941

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A. E. W. Mason

1st. published 1941
by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., London

Lightly rubbed boards; a little dust marking to page block edges and some acid browning on free end papers but a very sound and square copy - VERY GOOD minus condition navy cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine - fold out map of Cadiz complete and as new.

£5.00 + P & P


  1. Early Days
  2. Early Voyages and Disappointments. Rio de la Hacha. The Tragedy of St. John de Ulua. Drake's Return to Plymouth and Hawkins' Reproach .
  3. Odds and Ends. Philips and Hartop. The Admiralty Court on the Affair of St. John de Ulua. Drake's Marriage and Preparation for the Expedition to Nombre de Dios .
  4. Expedition to Nombre de Dios. Failure
  5. The First Attack on the Mule Train. Failure. The Second Attack. Success .
  6. Drake in the Irish Seas. The Plan of Menendez. Drake's Friendship with Doughty. Sir Francis Walsingham. Preparations for the Voyage of Circumnavigation .
  7. Beginning of the Voyage of Circumnavigation. Summary of Events leading up to the Trial of Doughty .
  8. The Trial of Doughty .
  9. The First Charter for the Mariner .
  10. The Straits of Magellan. The Discovery of Cape Horn. Drake's Consciousness of his Mission. His Life on board the Golden Hind. His Courtesy to his Prisoners. The More Compassionate Pirate .
  11. Adventures along the Coast of Peru. Capture of the Cacafuego. Drake's Plan to settle Colonies and return by the North-East Passage
  12. Across the Pacific. The Spice Islands. The Beginning of the East India Company. The Golden Hind runs on a Reef. End of the Voyage of Circumnavigation
  13. Difficulties on his Return. The Queen knights him at Deptford. Drake buys Buckland Abbey and becomes Mayor of Plymouth. The Proposed Expedition to the Azores. Questions of Naval Strategy. Drake in Government Service. Becomes Member of Parliament. His Second Marriage .
  14. The Case of the Bark Primrose. Philip's Treachery. Drake's Fourth Expedition to the West Indies. Destruction of Santiago. Capture of San Domingo
  15. The Attack upon Cartagena. Its Surrender. The Financial Failure of the Expedition. Should Drake have kept Cartagena The Value to England of his Name
  16. Drake's Mission to the Netherlands. The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots. Its Consequences. The Incomparable Expedition to Cadiz .
  17. The Cadiz Expedition disapproved in London. Preparations for the Armada. Naval Strategy. Drake's Command .
  18. Attempts to anticipate the Armada. Howard and Drake get their way. The Famous Game of Bowls
  19. Progress of the Armada. The Skirmish off Plymouth. The Battle of Portland. The Battle of the Isle of Wight .
  20. The Issue, Slavery or Freedom. The Fire Ships at Calais. The Battle of Gravelines. A Change of Wind saves the Armada from Complete Destruction. England's Victory .
  21. Reforms in the Fleet. The Cadiz Expedition. Its Importance and its Failure. The Causes of its Failure
  22. Drake on Land. His Last Expedition. The Death of John Hawkins The Death of Drake .



    Reproduction of an engraving by Thomas de Leu, of a portrait, painted from life, by Joseph Rabel.
    Reproduction from " Drake and the Tudor Navy " by Sir Julian Corbett, taken from " The Summarie and True Discourse."
    By William Borough.
Place the cursor over the title page and the front board can be seen! These images are intended to show the appearance and the general condition of the book and its jacket. If there is anything about this book you would like to see in anymore detail please email me !

Removing cursor from this image will show the title page superimposed over the front board. These images are intended to show the appearance and the general condition of the book and its jacket. If there is anything about this book you would like to see in anymore detail please email me !

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