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View ' B ' from Admiralty chart 2698 published 1860
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My site lists some of the books I want to sell and to make it more interesting often I provide extra details such as jacket blurbs, content lists, etc. and use quite large images to augment my descriptions. These images do not always help the pages load quickly with some connections and browsers. As I slowly update I will try to have a mainly text list start to some of the larger sections with the multiple thumbnail images on a separate page or towards the bottom of the page to mitigate this.

I have been successfully selling books from this site for many years now and have, I think without exception, satisfied buyers – from the UK and overseas, many who have gone on to buy more from me.

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This is possibly the last photograph taken of the former Royal Navy Submarine H.M.S. Oracle. She has just cleared the Portsmouth channel towed by the German owned tug " Fairplay XIV " bound for Turkey to be broken up. A few days later, about the 5th. November 2004, off Spain, she sank.